Flavors of the World

Flavors of the World


April 3, 2019
From 2:00 PM to 7:02 PM Mountain Time (US & Canada)


State Fair Grounds/ Expo New Mexico Indian Village
300 San Pedro Dr. NE , Albuquerque


February 15 - April 3, 2019
Ending at 7:00 PM Mountain Time (US & Canada)

Join us to discover new flavors from all around the world. Sysco partners will be showcasing ethnic ingredients for all type of operation. You will find great plating and selling ideas.


We will have lots of action stations show casing all the latest ideas and new products.  


Please make sure you stop by our Customer Resources booth where you can find all the resources that Sysco has to offer, to support your business and to grow with you. 


Your partnership means a lot to us and we want to thank you for attending this event!


2:30 PM  

Versatility of House of Smoke Gourmet Game Sausages

Join us to discover all the options that House of Smoke has with their Gourmet Sausages and large selection of Wild Game. From Colorado Bison to New Zealand Elk and Venison. The best meats sourced from around the world. Check out how House of Smoke can help you with your food selection.

3:30 PM  

Preparing fish using Banana Leaves

Let Chef Nieves-Flores take you on a trip around the world through a culinary demonstration. Chef Jaime will be showing versatile ways to prepare fish using banana leaves. Banana Leaves are a staple in South American, Caribbean, and Asian cuisine—steaming veggies, rice, and fish in carefully folded packets of banana leaves protects delicate veggies and protein from direct, dry heat. The leaves also impart a mild, sweet, earthy flavor, and individual banana leaf parcels make for an impressive presentation—and it’s truly easy enough to prepare for a crowd if you’re looking for an entrée with a little extra flair.

4:30 PM  

Breakdown of of Hybrid Striped Bass

PJ Paland from Seattle Fish of Denver will take you to through the process of breaking down a Striped Bass. Breaking down a fish gets you more in touch with where it comes from. And it gives you a great opportunity to maintain healthy food costs in your kitchen. Join PJ in this great demo!

5:30 PM  

Breakdown of Beef Tenderloin

The tenderloin is a muscle (Psoas major) that runs down the length of the backbone and sits below the ribs of a cow. This muscle does very little work, and as a result – it is one of the most tender (and expensive) cuts of beef, like filet mignon or chateaubriand. When you learn the tricks of how to cut your own tenderloin, you can save some money and some of the extra cuts can be used for different purposes in your kitchen.

6:30 PM  

Whole Chicken Breakdown

If there's one knife skill that can save you money and make you look cool, it's breaking down a chicken. For about the same price as a pack of two breasts, you can buy a whole chicken, which comes with those same breasts, two legs, and a back. Join our friends from RedBird Farms to learn all the tips and tricks of breaking a whole chicken.


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Location and Venue

State Fair Grounds/ Expo New Mexico Indian Village
300 San Pedro Dr. NE Albuquerque

Villa Hispana, Indian Village underwent major renovation in 2009. We're excited to host you in this newly renovated Village at Expo New Mexico. Plan on seeing new innovative items, Ecommerce options to help streamline your business, ideas from all over the world and much more.

  Driving Directions

The best way to get to the State Fair is to take I-40 and exit at San Mateo. From there, follow directions to Expo New Mexico. Right hand turns are only allowed into the State Fair grounds. Use Gate 3 and Parking is FREE

Additional Information

Indian Village Map and Parking
This map will help you locate the Indian Village within the Expo New Mexico Grounds. Sysco is offering FREE PARKING for this event. Please use Gate Lot 4, Kiddie and Bolack Lots (located on Main St. and Heritage Ave. within the Expo NM complex)

Flavor of the World

Join us for a great afternoon full of action stations and trending flavors