Sysco Central Ontario Sudbury Spring Regional Showcase and Healthcare & Hospitality Education Day

Fresh From the Heart


April 9, 2019
From 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM Eastern Time (US & Canada)


Caruso Club
385 Haig Street, Sudbury


February 22 - April 9, 2019
Ending at 3:00 PM Eastern Time (US & Canada)


Featured Speaker:   Jay Ashton

Business Resources Lead for Sysco Canada

Featured Speaker:   Julie Park

Healthcare Systems Specialist for Sysco Canada

Featured Speaker:   Kaitlin Chard

Menu Analyst for Sysco Canada


Healthcare & Hospitality Education Seminars [9:00am to 12:00pm] Click each session to expand for seminar descriptions.

9:00 AM  

Listening and Learning, the Millennial Employee

Millennials and soon to be the Generation Z employee are used to the loving parents who have scheduled their lives around their children’s activities and events. These young adults have new ideas and strong opinions and don’t take kindly to having their thoughts ignored. After all, they are the best listening and the most child-centric audience in history. So, how do we work and inspire these folks to be the most amazing workers everyone strives to have? Guest speaker Jay Ashton will talk about this ever growing and emerging marketplace of the Millennials and Gen Z employee. This large demographic group is creating new tests for the working force. Through this one-hour session, Jay will explain and share what makes these generations strive and what key things you can do to connect with them. If you want to understand how to adapt to these generations in your workplace, this is a seminar you will want to attend.

10:15 AM  

Tapping into Technology Solutions with MenuStream

Spring forward with a fresh new take on food service software. If you are looking for an innovative system that will engage your staff help meet legislation requirements and reduce costs while optimizing meal service for your client’s, join us to learn more about how MenuStream solutions can help meet your operational needs.

11:20 AM  

Health Canada’s Priority Allergens & Food Guide

Be allergy aware! Join Sysco’s team of dietitians and culinary experts to learn about Health Canada’s Priority Allergens and their potential food sources. Learn about food allergy symptoms and preventative strategies to implement at your establishment. Also join us in exploring the new Canada’s Food Guide to discuss the changed approach and how it may affect your operations!


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Location and Venue

Caruso Club
385 Haig Street Sudbury

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