Seafood Symposium

Industry Experts, Product Tastings & Demonstrations


February 20, 2020
From 10:00 AM to 2:35 PM Eastern Time (US & Canada)


Sysco Columbia, LLC
131 Sysco Ct, Columbia


November 25 - February 18, 2020
Ending at 5:00 PM Eastern Time (US & Canada)

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Join us Thursday, February 20th from 10am to 2:35pm for a powerful operators workshop as we help you take the first steps in selecting the best quality seafood for your menu.



9:30am to 10am: Registration Check-In 10am to 10:10am: Welcome/Opening Session 10:15am to 11:15am: Session 1 11:20am to 12:20pm: Session 2 12:30pm to 1:30pm: Session 3 1:35pm to 2:35pm: Session 4


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Location and Venue

Sysco Columbia, LLC
131 Sysco Ct Columbia

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What To Expect

We want to help you grow your seafood sales by giving you the knowledge and tools to help you select the best quality seafood for your menu. Join us February 20th to Get Hooked on Sysco Seafood.  We will host 4 educational sessions on the following topics:

1. Crabology: Lots of games are played in the crab industry. There is a big swing between brands, species and orgins. What is considered special crabmeat in one brand, might be considered lump crabmeat in another brand. During this session, you will be able to taste and compare muliple grades of crabmeat and brands. Are you getting what you are paying for? Are you using the most economical product for your recipe(s)? Is there another crab product that will give you a more consistent result? Find out the answers to these questions and more in this session.

2. The North Coast Difference: We confidently purchase fresh salmon, swordfish, tuna, cod, calamari, mussels, oysters, and crabmeat from North Coast Seafood (Boston) because we believe their quality is second to none. This family owned company has been around for over 50 years, and they have long term relationships with fishing co-ops, farms and local producers. The folks at North Coast Seafood pioneered the use of Ozonated water to blast surface bacteria from all their fresh fish processing equipment, eliminating the need for commonly used harsh chemicals. North Coast uses ozonated water to sanitize shellfish prior to fully purging them in a state of the art filtered sea water storage system. As a result, the shelf life is extended without compromising freshness. This removes sand, grit, and other impurities prior to shipping product to market. During this session, you will have the opportunity to learn more about their products and see the North Coast difference for yourself.

3. Success with Scallops: Did you know...Sysco is able to buy a consistent supply of scallops year-round, without having to shop the market - because our branded supplier has their own fleet of 27 scallop boats?! We can track every Portico branded scallop, to the boat and captain who harvested it. In this session, you will be able to compare processed, minimally processed and dry scallops. You will also learn how to identify a "true" dry scallop. No more guessign about what you are getting.

4. Shrimp 101: Domestic shrimp, imported, wild caught, farm raised - what's the difference? Vannamei Whites, Gulf Whites, Gulf Browns and Tigers - compare each side by side. In this session, we will also share the methods of sustainable harvest, origin, sizing, uniformity, packaging, and the application of chemicals to processed shrimp. Experience our Portico shrimp line (Classic, Imperial & Simply), tighter specs mean bigger profits for you.

Check-in will begin at 9:30am the day of the event, please register before February 18th to attend.