Business Fitness 2.0

Strategies and Solutions to Propel your Business into the Future!


January 14 - 16, 2020
Starting at 9:00 AM Pacific Time (US & Canada)


November 4 - January 16, 2020
Ending at 4:00 PM Pacific Time (US & Canada)

Make sure you stop by our Technology Lounge during Business Fitness! 

The Tech Lounge is a complete Sysco experience showcasing our innovative technology solutions including both web and mobile applications. 


Content is the same for both morning and afternoon sessions. Please choose only one session.

9:00 AM  

Meat Science with Dr. Phil Bass

Dr. Phil Bass
Meat Scientist

Join the dynamic Dr. Phil in a discussion about the following topics: -The US Beef Industry: how it works, the players, and current hot topics -Adding value to your beef business - Portion Control (when it makes sense to cut your own; when it makes sense to use the experts) -Alternate cut ideas -Ground Beef

1:00 PM  

Meat Science with Dr. Phil Bass

Dr. Phil Bass
Meat Scientist

Join the dynamic Dr. Phil in a discussion about the following topics: -The US Beef Industry: how it works, the players, and current hot topics -Adding value to your beef business - Portion Control (when it makes sense to cut your own; when it makes sense to use the experts) -Alternate cut ideas -Ground Beef

Please choose only ONE morning and/or ONE afternoon session

10:00 AM  

Controlling Food and Labor Costs

Michael Cross
Culinary Consultant

Prime cost is made up of the largest and most volatile costs in any restaurant - food, beverage, and labor. Learn how to understand and keep control of these expenses within your operation.

10:00 AM  

How to Deliver a Superior Guest Experience

Spencer Richins
Business Development

How to differentiate your restaurant, delight your guest, and create more loyalty!

1:00 PM  

Social Media in Today's Market

Olivia Hernandez
Founder & Creative Director

Social Media marketing has quickly become the preferred method of restaurateurs for one big reason - it works! Not only does it keep your restaurant relevant, it keeps you on top of the list every time your guests are online looking for somewhere to dine. Make sure you are not missing out on today's number one marketing tool!

1:00 PM  

Inventory Management for Restaurant Profitability

Blake Medica
VP Business Development

Without proper systems within your operation, many issues will slip between the cracks. Learn which systems are most important and how they all come together with your inventory system to give you the BIG picture of your operations profitability.

Please choose only ONE morning and/or ONE afternoon Session

10:00 AM  

Culinary Trends

Mitch Higgins
Culinary Consultant

What inspires you? How do you turn that inspiration into menu offerings or in house marketing for your customers? Join Mitch Higgins and Clint Jolly in an open forum discussion to learn about the resources available to you that can help guide your research about current restaurant trends including Plant Based Diets, Meal Delivery Services, On Trend Flavor Profiles, and much more!

10:00 AM  

Your Menu as a Profit Center

Becky Fleming
Senior Manager, Business Resources

Menu engineering is the art and science of how and where to place items on your menu. Where items are placed on the menu can dramatically affect your bottom line. Lean the three basic concepts of menu engineering - placement, graphics, and profitability analytics.

1:00 PM  

The P&L Experience

Gary Bockman
Business Resource Manager

Your P&L tells the story of your restaurant. It should not only tell whether your restaurant is profitable, it needs to provide accurate cost of Sales, Labor, and Operating Expenses to help identify challenges and track progress through numbers.

1:00 PM  

Hiring & Retention Strategies

Jeremy Goebel
Corporate Operations Manager

The biggest challenge today for independent restaurants is recruiting, attracting, and retaining a sufficient number of quality employees. Another large challenge is understanding today's complex legal rules and regulations. Learn how to maneuver the complexity of the laws while exploring ways to find and retain the best and brightest in the field.


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Featured Speaker:   Spencer Richins

Spencer has worked in the restaurant industry for over 25 years. In that time he has worked as chef for various restaurants and restaurant groups in and around the Sacramento area with a focus on fine dining. Extremely passionate about slow food, community outreach, and nutritional education. With Sysco foods, he has held positions as Marketing Associate, Culinary Specialist/Consultant, and Director of Business Resources. He is currently New Business Developer at Sysco Sacramento.

Featured Speaker:   Gary Bockman

With over 45 years in restaurant related business, Gary worked both front of the house and back of the house during operations phase of career. Director of Operations for Colorado Kitchens, based in Colorado Springs CO. Regional Manager for Marix Tex-Mex restaurants based in West Hollywood CA. General Manager of CheeseCake Factory in Beverly Hills, the first and flagship restaurant of the corporation. Have worked in the distribution side of the business the last 20 years. Everything from Marketing Associate, to District Sales Manager, to current position of Business Resource Manager at Sysco Sacramento. Education: California State University of Northridge, Majored in Business Administration with a minor in Art.

Featured Speaker:   Dr. Phil Bass

As an assistant professor in the University of Idaho's Department of Animal and Veterinary Sciences, Dr. Phil Bass teaches classes and conducts applied research in meat quality with an emphasis on beef. Dr. Phil uses his industry experience, including his many years as a Certified Angus Beef brand meat scientist, to educate and advise students and others involved in meat production and processing community. Hailing from rural northern California, Dr. Phil helped his family raise a few cattle and knew from an early age that he liked to cut meat. He went on to earn his bachelor's and master's degree in animal science at California Polytechnic State University, and then earned his doctorate in meat science from Colorado State University.

Featured Speaker:   Olivia Hernandez

Olivia has more than 7 years of experience in social media and digital marketing, working with such influential brands as The Ritz-Carlton, Loews Hotels, Marriott International, a national sports broadcast network, three NFL teams, one notable theme park, and many local restaurants and bars. Olivia is a proud University of Nevada alumnus. Olivia is a native Nevadan who loves to travel. She lives, eats, and breathes social media.

Featured Speaker:   Michael Cross

Michael has an extensive food service background totaling nearly 40 years of hands on experience. He is currently a Culinary Consultant with Sysco Sacramento and enjoys helping customers achieve their dreams of operating a successful food service establishment. In his spare time Michael enjoys gardening, stage performance, and spending time with his fiancée Christina.

Featured Speaker:   Mitch Higgins

Mitch has been involved in the Sacramento food world for nearly 15 years, most notably holding the position of Executive Chef at The Chef’s Table in Rocklin, Ca. Mitch has a drive for more knowledge that keeps him consistently researching upcoming food trends, flavor profiles, and industry happenings. In his spare time, Mitch enjoys spending time with his wife, Sarah, and their two dogs.

Featured Speaker:   Jeremy Goebel

Jeremy Goebel is Corporate Manager and Partner with Jack’s Urban Eats, a restaurant chain based out of Sacramento, California. He has over 25 years of experience in the restaurant industry and has helped manage and grow Jack’s Urban Eats for the past 19 years. Passionate about creating an inclusive and positive work environment, Jeremy has spent his career bringing an infectious energy and contagious love for serving others. A husband and father of two, Jeremy spends his free time with family and friends enjoying the outdoors, craft beer, live music and enjoying life as much as possible.

Featured Speaker:   Blake Medica

Blake started working in restaurants at the age of 15. He has been in the restaurant technology sector for over 10 years. He loves the opportunity to share his knowledge with customers all across the country.

Featured Speaker:   Clint Jolly

Clint Jolly spent his younger years in the family butcher shop, first with a broom in his hands and then a knife. By the age of 9 he was in the cutting room breaking beef with his dad, by 12 he was making sausages and hams. He got his first taste of the professional kitchen at the ripe age of 14 when the cook didn’t show up to open the attached deli. That day set off a chain of events that has led Clint from a small deli in Sparks to one of the more respected chefs of the Reno/Tahoe area. In 2018 he took a sabbatical from the kitchen to travel the world. 25 countries and 6 continents later he landed at Sysco, bringing together his passions in meat, cooking, culture and marketing to help grow the food culture in his home town.

Featured Speaker:   Becky Fleming

Becky graduated from San Francisco State University with a Major in Graphic Design and Minor in Marketing. Becky began her Sysco Career at Sysco Portland in 2006. While in Portland, Becky held positions as a Graphic Designer, Business Resource Manager, and Learning and Development Manager. She recently moved to Houston to join our Corporate Business Resources Team.

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Sysco Sacramento
7062 Pacific Avenue Pleasant Grove

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